Why Aren’t You Using IT More

As a technologist, I sometimes forget that not every small business uses technology to the full use that they can. It’s easy to think that since there is SO much technology and SO MANY local consultants that every small business has a technology solution – but this is NOT the case.
Business Week writes One in four small companies – those with less than 50 employees – admits to finding it hard to keep up with changing technologies, according to a recent survey commissioned by Lloyds TSB Business. More than one in 10 (13 per cent) still don’t use email and nearly a third (30 per cent) eschew the internet. Nearly one in five said technology has taken the ‘personal touch’ out of working relationships, according to the research.
I beg all of YOU small business owners reading this. Technology is a TOOL a critical component of your companies growth. LEVERAGE it and work with your local tech solution provider to implement technology in your business.