Windows Live – An Update. Give it a try.

Windows Live is Microsoft’s push into serving an array of hosted services – no software (well little software) to install. From Security, to Messenger (new), to Calendar, to Search and more there’s quite a bit to offer. If you’ve only been using Google and other online portals (like Yahoo) have a look at Windows Live and see how you like it. As it grows you’ll find a number of free (and fee based) services to help your business (and personal life).
The latest tool (or update rather) from Windows live is the Windows Live toolbar which helps you manage your online experience. Cnet writes The Toolbar lets you keep multiple sites open within tabs in Internet Explorer. It adds a Web search field to IE, and can help you quickly add RSS feeds to your page and to collect Web clippings within Onfolio. The gallery of custom buttons offers everything from Autosport news to Form Fill to Weather, Wikipedia, Xbox updates, and Youtube. It’s neat that the Toolbar can detect an address on a Web page and offer to map it for you in Windows Live Local, or sense a phone number and link to dial it with Windows Live Call.