xynoMedia’s Technology Diet…8 Weeks to better technology

There’s progams for EVERYTHING – weight loss; stop drinking; stop smoking; and so many other things. Have I mentioned driving? swimming? and more. There’s now a program, Technology Diet, to FORCE you to implement technology better in your business.
From their web site, here’s what you get in 8 weeks:
Week 1: Create your Technology Diet Plan
Before you determine what technology you need, you must nail down exactly what results you want. Failing to plan, is planning to fail. If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there. You get the point…
Week 2: 6 Technology Tenets
Learn and decide what technology will help you realize the goals you set forth in your Technology Diet Plan. Lena will walk you though exactly what you need to perform basic operations, what you’ll need for next-level and what technology you’ll need in your particular business.
Week 3: Create an Implementation Framework
The problem with most ideas is that they can become very pie-in-the-sky, you’ll create a framework that considers implementation from the very beginning – as opposed to it being an after-thought.
Week 4: Stay the Course & Kick-it Up a Notch
The halfway point is where you can start to get sloppy and careless. We’ll go over your plan, inch by inch to make sure you’re still on track. And, if you’re not, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to get there.
Week 5: Designing your Technology Diet Dream Team
You can’t get there alone. This week we’ll help you figure out who you know (and who you don’t) that can help you implement your Technology Diet Plan and expand it as your business grows – which it will.
Weeks 6 & 7: Implementation Clinics
This is where we all roll-up our sleeves and stop talking and start doing. If a podcast is a part of your Technology Diet Plan, then you’ll start recording and get our feedback. If you’re adding a blog, you’ll be opening your blog accounts and creating
Week 7: Measure & Monitor
If it’s not being measured and monitored, how will you know if it’s working? The answer: you can’t. This week we’ll go over exactly what and how you should measure the results of your Technology Diet.
Week 8: The Technology Diet’s “Biggest Loser” Awards
Tabulations will be taken of who took the biggest bite out of their Bells & Whistles Factor, gets lean the fastest and starts producing results and they will win 2 additional one-on-one sessions with Lena to cement the results of the Technology Diet in place.