Yahoo 360 – The Difference Between a Web Site and a Blog

Creating a web site is something we’ve talked about for quite some time and if you’ve been following this space you know resources you can turn to, to create a web site. Blogging is an entirely different animal and is more on the side of content management. Blogging helps you increase your rankings with search engines, gives you and opportunity to communicate with your customers in a consistent and personal manner.
I use to produce the content on, while Microsoft Frontpage is what I use for the web site itself – the borders and static pages.
A blogger tool gives you many more writing features that a traditional web site creation tool does not have.
For example – RSS feeds; tagging content; adding keywords; post drafts of articles so the public can’t see them and so much more. The world of blogging is about linking to other web sites and all sorts of things to add rich information for your audience.
Other blogging tools include TypePad and Movable Type – both by SixApart. One is a hosted blogging tool (TypePad) and the other is installed on your own server. WordPress is another popular tool.
Yahoo recently announced that its Yahoo hosting customers can now use Movabletype or WordPress to create blogs as part of their web hosting account. Instead of providing basic webhosting services, Yahoo now offers its small business customers traditional web hosting with the power of blogging.