Your Virtual Assistant, “EVA” – Let me introduce you

As you go through your busy day, one of the things that keep you busy is entering the many things you have to do , appointments, tasks and reminders into your computer. Time is not the only thing you worry about, but also forgetting to do things. You meet a client and in the rush of the day forget to send them a thank you email.
What if you had a personal assistant who could help you starting at $70 per month (for 20 minutes) and all you have to do is speak to them. This assistant would be an “extension” of your hands and memory – saving you valuable time in typing, forgetting, lost sales and more.
Virtual Management Inc, has recently created “E.V.A” – Electronic Virtual Assistant. This assistant can schedule meetings, input new contacts into Microsoft Outlook, make phone calls, send emails for you and more. E.V.A is connected to Outlook via a synchronization between E.V.A and Outlook. By pressing a button in Microsoft Outlook everything your virtual assistant does is synchronized to Outlook so your information is always up to date.
If you hate filing out expense reports – let E.V.A. do it for you as well.
“E.V.A’s ear” is a powerful accessory you can use to communicate with E.V.A. Maybe you don’t want to use a telephone to call E.V.A. Instead use a small recording device, E.V.A’s ear, to dictate things to E.V.A. When you get to your computer send the recording to E.V.A for action!
There’s an informative video on Virtual Management’s web site that really shows you E.V.A in action. The video asks – “Why do people with personal secretaries get so much done?” Maybe you can’t afford a full time secretary, but if you need an extra person to do “administrative tasks” and reduce your addiction to sticky notes – E.V.A could be a solution for you.
Another useful aspect of E.V.A is for sales teams. Instead of having a sales person waste their time hunched over a computer monitor with cold coffee, typing and spending time in the office, let E.V.A take care of typing reports, appointments, schedules and more. Your sales team will have more time in front of more clients!
The video is very useful to understand it all.