Archive of August 2006

Wiki’s: Passing Fad or Business Tool

There’s only two things about technology for business: Passing fads or serious business tools. At one point I thought a Wiki was a passing fad but I’m beginning to realize that it’s not. It can be, like blogging, a serious tool for business. A Wiki, unlike a standard web page, enables authorized uses to edit […]

Slow Down on 802.11n WiFi

Some WiFi vendors (read my previous story on this) are promoting 802.11n WiFi gear, which is faster than current WiFi specifications. The problem is that the WiFi Alliance which makes sure that WiFi gear is compatible has not yet agreed upon standards for WiFi N. What does this mean for you? Some vendors are claiming […]

When Using WiFi What You Do Is No Secret

If you use WiFi to access the Internet and your session is not encrypted with two WiFi security protocals WEP or WPA everything you do is sent in “clear” text and available for anyone to spy on you. I’m sure the “average” computer user who has no clue how to right click, won’t be reading […]

Why I bought a Lenovo 3000 notebook

For the past few weeks, I’ve been on the hunt for a new notebook computer and put together a report on my search for one here. As I was doing research I went with an open mind and frankly had no clue which notebook I would finally pick. Well, over the weekend I did another […]

Efficient Forms, LLC Improves Efficiency & Enhances Customer Service with Better Faxing

Below is a case study of how Supporter RapidFax enabled one of their small business customers to be more efficient with faxing. Efficient Forms, LLC. of Littleton, Colorado is a rapidly growing firm specializing in business form and data collection automation as well as workflow process efficiency. Hundreds of customers from several industries, including […]

Entellium: What Makes Its CRM Different

There are a LOT of CRM solutions on the market – some software and some hosted. Whichever one you choose, you’ve got to look at the features that are important to you and pick the solution best for you. It’s also important to make sure that you are comfortable with the corporate mind set of […]