Acer. Let’s not forget about it.

I did an extensive review of notebooks from Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Gateway, Sony and Toshiba as I’m looking for a new notebook computer.
One of my readers, Free Polazzo of Friendly Systems (a Sage reseller in Georgia) tells me I should consider Acer as well.
I’ve heard about Acer from more than one person now in connection with my notebook search, but never considered them as I figured they were a “second rate” company. But maybe not.
I went over to their web site but realize why I’d probably not buy from them. Their web site is 100% miserable. It’s really bad. For their notebooks they throw out to you a long list of notebooks with no helpful description of which notebook to buy. There’s no buying guide or anything. Do I have time or patience to click through over a dozen different notebook types to even start my search for a 14″ screen model?
I understand that Acer does not sell direct, but they could still make the shopping experience much, much better. I went to the web sites of Best Buy, CDW, CompUSA and Tiger Directt to see if I could buy an Acer from these online retailers.
For those who don’t know what they want these sites are ok, if not confusing with their range of menus and choices. But I found the shopping experience lacking.

Tiger Direct has a lot of choices but offers little help in finding what you want. I don’t want to wade through 48 notebooks, 10 to a screen at a time.

Best Buy is “ok” but they have a limited selection and to “help” you they have choices like “think and light” and notebooks for “business and productivity” – what if I want a business notebook for productivity that happens to be thin and light!!!!

I’m happy to say that CDW (I hope there often) had the BEST notebook selection tool and it was quite good in fact. With one level of selection when you first start looking and another level of selection as you drill down more.

CompUSA’s selection tool was second best. Some text links you click on to narrow down your choice. Decently extensive but could use some improvements – they should take a look at CDW’s tool.
Still not sure which notebook I’ll buy yet. Stay tuned.