AOL’s Custom Email Domains… Maybe Now You Can Use AOL.

For years, I’ve always advocated that real businesses, those who want to show a professional image, should NOT use AOL as their business email. Having an email address that reads is NOT nearly as professional as AOL recently announced that it is now allowing its users to have up to 100 addresses for each “personal” domain.
Tech Web writes In choosing an address, a person can pick any name, group, or word before and after the “at” part of the address. People also have the option of choosing an address that uses the domain.
With this new offering I’m not saying that the thousands and thousands (millions?) of you who use AOL for online business should stay with AOL, but at least if you really have to your email can look more professional.
The other quirk about AOL is that I think there are much better email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird) which can offer a more robust email experience.