Are Default Choices the Best Choices: Verizon and Microsoft

When you sign up for your next online service or software product you’ll be presented with a number of choices. Some of the choices might be which tool bar do you want, what player do you want to play your music and things of that nature. For example, Verizon broadband customers, through Verizon have access to MSN (now Windows Live), Yahoo or Verizon branded online services (email, chat, etc).
When you use these services you can use the deault option or take the time to explore and see which option is best for you. Your new computer (notebook or PC) often has choices as well. Take the time to find out what is the BEST option for your business – don’t be lazy and necessarily choose the default option.
Cnet writes As part of the deal between Verizon and Microsoft, Verizon customers will have the option of using a co-branded home page, a Verizon-Windows Live Search page, and can use Windows Live Mail as their Verizon e-mail account. They will also receive a Windows Live Toolbar, a co-branded version of Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live OneCare safety scanner–a feature of Microsoft’s antivirus software.
It so happens that Windows Live is offering Verizon broadband customers a LOT – including anti-virus software. This default just might be a good option.