Are Your Computers Unpatched: Hackers Will Find Them

If you are not actively ensuring that you are patching your software, especially core Windows software like your operating system (Windows 2000, XP, etc) and applications (Microsoft Office – Outlook, Word, etc) you are just sitting and waiting for hackers to hack into your computer system.
Speaking about a new hack attack Computer World writes However, the latest exploit code affects only users running Windows 2000 who have not applied the patch, Microsoft said. The effect so far from the malware, which the company calls “Win32/Graweg,” has been minimal, the company said.
“We are not currently aware of widespread customer impact,” Microsoft said Sunday.

If you ensure your software is updated with the latest patches, in addition to having your firewall and anti-virus software in place your protection level increases to a huge degree.
Without patching your software, hackers can exploit holes that you won’t know are there – but they do. Trust me.