CA and Radio Shack Reach SOHO Users

When cellular companies sell cell phones (what a tongue twister) via Radio Shack they are doing it as they know not only consumers visit Radio Shack but also small businesses. CA knows this too and according to CRN plans to sell security software to consumers and the SOHO market under a deal with electronics retailer RadioShack.
CRN writes CA said Monday that it will sell its eTrust Internet Security Suite, eTrust Antivirus and Desktop DNA Migrator software through RadioShack, where it will be the only PC security management software sold. The Fort Worth, Texas-based chain has about 6,000 stores nationwide plus an online storefront.
“Growth will be exponential” for sales of these CA products because of the new deal, said George Kafkarkou, senior vice president of SMB and consumer markets at CA, Islandia, N.Y.

I think more small businesses go to Circuit City, Staples and Best Buy, but Radio Shack should not be ignored. Time will tell if this deal works or does not work for CA and for Radio Shack.