Dell Does It’s Pricing Matter Any More?

For years, Dell has been the legendary leader of the “lowest price”, however you can only lower the price of a PC so much. Furthermore, HP, Lenovo, Gateway and other vendors are catching up and increasingly also able to offer competitive pricing PLUS leverage their resellers to offer local serivce and support.
CRN writes The Dell of today pales in comparison to the major competitor it was a few years ago, said Sam Haffar, president and co-CEO of Computex, a solution provider in Houston. “It used to be difficult to sell against Dell because of their price points or the ease of doing business with them. But that’s not the case anymore. HP has tweaked its pricing and Dell has been marginalized. Once you strip the pricing away, what does Dell have?”
“It boils down to the fact that we provide a great customer experience and great products,” said spokesman Dean Kline. “And it’s the reason that we’ve become the leading computer provider in the world. We have the broadest portfolio of products in our history. We have made great investments across the business to make sure we are giving customers a great experience and we are continuing to improve where we can.”
I’ll be releasing a substantive review of my notebook shopping experience and the results will help give you a clear picture of price vs features.