Efficient Forms, LLC Improves Efficiency & Enhances Customer Service with Better Faxing

Below is a case study of how Smallbiztechnology.com Supporter RapidFax enabled one of their small business customers to be more efficient with faxing.

Efficient Forms, LLC. of Littleton, Colorado is a rapidly growing firm specializing in business form and data collection automation as well as workflow process efficiency. Hundreds of customers from several industries, including insurance and financial services, rely on Efficient Forms to streamline the processing of voluminous amounts of paperwork and accelerating its completion by sending data to be organized, transferred and delivered.
“It is not uncommon for independent insurance agents to come to us for help in completing paperwork that is six inches thick,” said Chris Kasten, Technical Operations Manager. “We are expected to get the job done accurately and fast. We cannot allow technical issues to delay service to our customers.”
The Challenge:
After experiencing rapid growth in customers, the outsourced fax solution Efficient Forms had been using began to have difficulty with the dramatic increase in volume of inbound documents. As a result, it took longer for information to be successfully received, processed and delivered which caused delays for customers and a serious service issue for the company. In addition to the fact that the service Efficient Forms was using was impacting their customers¬? satisfaction, they were unable to obtain volume pricing discounts as their business grew, creating an additional hurdle to business growth. “The per page fees we were experiencing was draining our capital,” said Kasten. “Costs escalated while service levels deteriorated so we looked for a reasonable, scalable quality alternative.”
The Solution:
After searching for an alternative, Efficient Forms chose RapidFAX, an Internet based fax solution that enables them to send and receive faxes as e-mail or via the web through their broadband connection. RapidFAX is powered by EasyLink Services Corporation, a pioneer of Internet faxing, and a service provider to several Fortune 500 companies. RapidFAX’s scalability, customer support and affordability made it the preferred choice for Efficient Forms.
“We were happy to find an alternative that provided the flexibility and cost-effectiveness we needed without compromising quality,” said Kasten. “We were assured from the start that volume would not be an issue and RapidFAX offered a pricing structure that made good business sense for us.”
RapidFAX receives the fax someone has sent to a personal fax number provided by RapidFAX and converts it to a computer file. The file is attached to an e-mail message and delivered to you like any other. Click on the attachment and your fax will open using software already on your PC such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The RapidFAX Web interface is protected by a security certificate; therefore data sent and received via the Web interface provides the security required to conduct business via the Internet. In addition, RapidFAX offers seamless integration into Microsoft Office 2003¬?a business tool used by many small and home businesses. This integration allows users of any Microsoft Office 2003 application to fax a document directly from that application through RapidFAX rather than printing it and manually faxing it from a fax machine, or using a fax modem, both of which typically involve paying a telephone company for a separate fax telephone line.
Since integrating RapidFAX into their operations, Efficient Forms has not experienced any issues with delivery delays and has been able to serve their customers with the fast and accurate service they require. “Many of our customers are in insurance or financial services and the demand for transparency they need to meet creates a lot of forms and processes,” said Kasten. He added, “RapidFAX has been able to manage our large volume of faxed documents without difficulty and has enabled us to deliver the critical information our customers are expecting to receive without delay or errors. It is a key component to our business that is now working so well that we no longer spend time worrying about it.
Users signing up here for RapidFax.com’s 30-day free trial can begin sending faxes immediately and enjoy the benefits of monthly subscribers ($9.95 per month) including:
* 200 receiving and 100 sending pages
* Additional pages for only $0.08 each
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* No busy signals
* Multiple and simultaneous faxing
* Multiple users and numbers under one account
* No hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain