Email Servers: No Windows. Less Money. More Features. More Stability?

I know that many corporations use Microsoft Exchange as their email server platform. However, I also know that it takes a dedicated person to manage an Exchange platform and even more important it’s critical to keep it updated to ensure holes are patched. However, there are a number of “alternative” email servers which offer a range of features, for less money and more stability. If you don’t want to manage your own Exchange server, remember you can outsource it to MI8, or BlueTie.
Info World writes about two email servers, Scalix 10 and Zimbra Collaboration Suite ZCS 4.0 allows users to create and edit formatted text documents and spreadsheets, using only their Web browser, and share them via REST (Representational State Transfer) URLs, meaning the server spawns links to the documents — and simple, memorable URLs — that can be e-mailed to co-workers. Calendars and contacts can now be shared in the same way.
About Scalix, Info World writes SWA performance was fast, as the application and folders are cached on the local computer. I could compose and send new messages from the moment I logged in. Drag-and-drop functionality, which is uncommon for a Web app, allowed me to do all the expected desktop tasks, such as moving messages from one folder to another or rearranging calendar appointments. Furthermore, all features worked problem-free using Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Firefox.
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