Google Analytics and Del.icio.Us: My Newest Online Tools

I’ve known for some time (months? year+?) about Google Analytics and Google’s tool is a web site analysis tool helping you know more about your web site visitors and their interaction with your web site. is an online bookmarking service – but so much more.
What’s so powerful about them?
Well compared to the $10 a month I pay to for web analytics (which is more data than what I could get for free from my web host – Hypermart), Google Analytics provides much more data and better graphics.
You should check it out for yourself. What I really like about Google’s FREE service is that it shows you, on YOUR web site, what links people are clicking on. So you can bring up your live web site and Google overlays it with boxes showing you areas most clicked on., I’ve just started using it tonight lets me more easily keep track of the many great web sites I come across.
In my bookmarks on Firefox I only want those web sites that I visit every day and are for “business” – bank web site, bloglines and other things. But there’s so many great web sites (including You Tube videos) that I come across and want an easy way to archive them online. is the answer.