Happy Birth Day PC!

IBM launched its PC in on August 12, 1981 and from then things have only been great for consumers and businesses thanks. Imagine what life would be like without a computer. Nah…don’t imagine it.
Because of computers and the overall technology around computers businesses are MORE productive than ever before. The sad thing is that MANY businesses still use their computer at only its most basic level, as a mere desk ornament instead of a powerful tool.
AFP writes an article here focused on the social and consumer aspects of the world of computing, but for businesses there’s so much more.
Thanks to the computer you can make a video and send the video to a customer 5,000 miles from your business (or right around the corner). Cost to send and create the video – zero. (not including of course the negligible cost of software, DSL line, the computer itself, your time and etc).
The computer has made businesses MORE efficient than ever before. Actually it’s not the computers that have made the businesses more efficient, the computer is just the platform the REAL power of computer is the SOFTWARE and the Internet. These three – computer, software, Internet are the FOUNDATION for a growing business that’s leveraging technology.
Think about business management software from SAP, Microsoft, Sage, Intuit, NetSuite and other vendors. With this software (or hosted applications) you can have a bird’s eye view of precisely how your company is doing.
Need to communicate with a remote sales team? Combining high-speed Internet connections with collaboration software make the process a snap.
You know what the PC has done and what it will continue to do in the future. Make sure you LEVERAGE it for your business.