How to Get to the Top Of Search-Engine Results writes – For Baldwin/Welsh & Parker Insurance Agency in Wayland, Mass., the Web has become the firm’s best source of sales leads, outside of direct referrals, because a high listing in search results attracts quality prospects.
“There’s not a big downside if we’re not listed high, but there’s a big upside if we are,” says the firm’s principal, Dave D’Orlando.
Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN send out spiders (also called bots or crawlers) to scour the Web and retrieve certain information from sites that is then analyzed using complex algorithms.
The spiders look for keywords that searchers tend to use, as well as how often they appear on a Web page. That is called word density, and generally you want 3% to 5% of the words (or phrases) on a page related to words people use for searching, recommends Dave Knight, manager and co-owner of dMedia LLC, a search-engine optimization and Web development agency in Park City, Utah.
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