How You (web site, business card, print outs) LOOK Determines Sales

Over the past few weeks my notebook computer has been shutting off due to overheating. When it’s not plugged in it does not over heat, only when the power cord is used. In any case I’m not ready to buy just yet but need the notebook to stop shutting off.
I figured there’s got to be at least one other person who has the same problem and at least one other person who has a solution.
I went to Google, did a search for notebook cooling fans and found many solutions. Fans that fit under your notebook to keep it cool There were so many web sites, many selling the same product. One of the products that I decided on was from Vantec, now how to decide which vendor to BUY FROM?
I looked at their web site. One vendor’s web site looked absolutely miserable. Another vendor’s site looked like a truck had run over it.
I finally settled on Xoxide. Their web site is NOT the best in the world – but it looked credible and it made me “feel good”. It turns out my product was received today! Great service and they emailed me every step of the way.
What about you?
When people look at your web site or print outs does it look good. Does it make them feel safe and secure?

If not – YOU ARE losing sales. I’ll bet you a cup of Starbucks hot chocolate on that.