Is Your Email Overloaded? Are Your Mailboxes Bulging? IBM has a solution

Since we’ve all been using email more and more these past several years are fax machines are getting a bit dusty but the storage on our email servers is getting pretty full. When this happens, those sending you email get their mail bounced back to them, customers get angry, suppliers get frustrated and you have a bad day.
If you use email from your ISP or a free email service (which you should not be using if you want to build a professional image) you still have to worry as you have to always delete email or pay more.
For those who have their own email server, IBM has a solution for you.
The new IBM CommonStore E-Mail Archiving Solution, the latest in IBM¬?s portfolio of compliance capabilities, is a hardware and software solution that helps clients quickly install and automate e-mail management and improve e-mail system performance. It allows e-mail to be easily and quickly retrieved to satisfy compliance audit reviews and legal discovery orders.
Available through IBM Business Partners, the solution works with existing e-mail servers to offload e-mail and attachments from the messaging system to provide virtually unlimited user mailbox space and improve system operations, while preserving e-mail in an archive for long term access. Quick installation — less than one day — helps deliver value faster since comparable archiving solutions can take days or even weeks to install and configure.
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