Lexmark unveils new color laser family to give workgroups flexible color printing capabilities

No one really pays that much attention to a printer UNTIL something goes wrong. Yet printers are probably one of the most used office resources, other than the computer itself. What’s really nice about a great printer is when vendors had enhanced features to it, it makes your work even better. Lexmark has done that with their new line of color, laser, workgroup printers.
The Lexmark C770 family includes the Lexmark C770n and C772n color laser printers and the Lexmark X772e color multifunction product (MFP) for customers who also want the ability to copy, scan and fax in monochrome and color from the same device.
I find myself often printing from USB keys/hard drives. One of the nice features Lexmark has added to the C770 is a USB key port. Once you insert a USB key, a list of files/directories is displayed. You select the file, number of copies and print. There’s no worry about viruses as there is NO execution of the file on the printer.
The Lexmark C770 family features Lexmark’s award-winning operator panel design to make it easy for users of all levels to operate these devices. It features graphical help messages that walk users through common interventions, reducing the need for calls to a help desk.
Lexmark C770n
The Lexmark C770n is ideal for cost-conscious customers that do not require additional paper handling options and print modest volumes of monochrome and color documents. The Lexmark C770n can handle up to 1,100 sheets of input and will be available for an estimated street price of $999*. Customers can purchase either 6,000-page or 10,000-page aftermarket toner cartridges for the printer.
Lexmark C772n
For customers that anticipate higher print volumes, the Lexmark C772n offers a 15,000-page toner cartridge to give customers a lower cost per page. Customers who purchase a Lexmark C772n can also add extra paper handling options for up to 3,100 sheets of total input and have the option to upgrade the printer to a multifunction product at a later date by purchasing a modular scanner. The Lexmark C772n will be available for an estimated street price of $1,499*.
Lexmark X772e
The Lexmark X772e MFP adds the Lexmark 4600 scanner to a C772n to give users the ability to print, copy, scan and fax from a single device. The Lexmark 4600 scanner features a large vivid color touchscreen interface that can easily be customized to simplify complicated business processes to the touch of an icon. The Lexmark X772e will be available for an estimated street price of $4,499*.
*All prices are estimated street prices in U.S. dollars — actual prices may vary.