Light Scribe – Burn CD/DVD Labels from your burner

When you burn a CD or DVD pop it out of the burner – what do you do next? You take a thick marker and scribble what it is and give it to your client, employee or associate. Sure, the wonderful data is there but the DVD/CD “looks” bad.
What many people do is print out labels and stick the labels to the CD or DVD. This is good, but there’s a better solution called Light Scribe.

Light Scribe
is a technology that enables you to make an imprint on your CD/DVD right from the DVD burner in your notebook or desktop computer – way cool and efficient.
A number of manufacturers have produced external and internal CD/DVD drives including – BenQ, LG, Lacie, HP, Samsung, Philips and others. Notebook and Desktop computing vendors include – HP, Asus, Lenovo and others.
You’ll know your next DVD/CD burner is Light Scribe enabled by this logo