Looking at a PC Screen All Day? Keep Your Eyes Healthy.

A few years ago, I was using a traditional CRT monitor and wondered why my eyes were often strained and even tearing. I did some research and bought a flat (as opposed to rounded screened) CRT, 17″ monitor. I immediately felt a difference. The newer monitor also had a crisper image. Now LCD (flat panel) screens are popular so that’s even better.
NFIB writes The biggest cause of eye problems is placing the monitor too high, Anshel said. Our eyes work better and focus more accurately when they’re looking slightly downward rather than straight ahead.
You should place the monitor so that if you look straight ahead, you’re peering just over the top of the monitor, then you should slightly angle up the monitor.
Along with fatiguing your eyes, reading a computer screen while looking straight ahead can also dry them out, since your lids will have to be more widely open. If you wear contact lenses, the eye dryness will become more exasperated.

When using a computer, there’s more than the technology to keep in mind. You’ve also got to take care of your body. I use a Logitech trackball and Microsoft natural keyboard – both keep me typing and clicking comfortably all day.