Mac or PC – which one is best for your business

There is a BIG debate in the world of computing over Mac or PC. Personally for business use, I really think you should go with a PC to have the FULL benefits of the PC centric business world – full collaboration and support from the VAST ecosystem of PC users.
Clearly Macintosh is great for designers as their is an entire world of support for them. But for a law firm? accountant? plumber? travel agent? doctor? Stick with a PC.
Jennifer Shaheen, the Technology Therapist writes about this.
Shewrites Over the past few months Apple has started to air these new commercials with 2 men one older and one younger. The younger image represents a Mac while the older represents the PC, they just stand there comparing the problems that are prone to PC and not MAC. I sat and watched one of these commercials and began to get a bit concerned about the generalities Apple spoke about and how it confuses the general consumer.
The commercial that got me a little riled up has the older gentlemen freezing up implying that PC’s are the only computers that freeze. Not true. My husband, who I have spoken about in other blogs, who works on a MAC every day saw this commercial and laughed aloud with me. Do Mac’s freeze up? Sure they do as a matter of fact just this morning my husband called and said: “Jenn, when people ask if Mac’s freeze and cause problems tell them here is the message my computer gave me today. “The computer was restarted after MAC OS X quit unexpectedly. Click report to see more details or send to Apple.”

The bottom line is to use what is BEST for you, keeping in mind what your peers use.