The Motorola Q: Small & Feature Rich

For the past month or so I’ve been using the Motorola Q from Verizon Wireless. I’ve also used the Palm 700w, Palm 700p and BlackBerry 7130e recently. The question is not which mobile device is BETTER, but which machine is best for you. I’m not going to compare the devices but more so tell you about the pros and cons of the Q and you can then see if it’s for you or not.
Overall the Motorola Q is thin, low cost and ideal for someone who wants a phone that can also get their email and is based on Windows.
Overall, here’s a guide to choosing mobile devices:
a) Palm, Microsoft, BlackBerry or something else. If you want to seamlessly synch with Microsoft Outlook and live overall in a Microsoft world – then a Pocket PC device is best. If it doesn’t matter go to point b.
b) Do you want a phone (that can do email) or an email device (that is a phone). It sounds like the same, but the BlackBerry for example has a much better keyboard for quickly typing emails and its interface is easy to work with managing emails. The Q is thin, light and an ideal phone.
I’ve decided (some months ago) that for mobile computing I’m going to go with a Microsoft centric world. I’m a long time Palm user but after several hardware problems I switched to my first Microsoft device (I think it was my Dell Axim) and have been quite happy.
So back to the Motorola Q.
Overall it’s very small, slim – sleek if you will – compared to every other device I’ve used. It can easily fit into your pocket and not hang like a bag of bread from your waste. The other main selling point about the Q is that it’s only $200 with a 2 year contract from Verizon.
The still and video camera on the Motorola Q work well. It’s not the best resolution but it does the trick. Several people told me that the sound quality of the Q is not that good when I called them with it. Not sure if this was the Q’s fault or a common problem with the connection at that time. I often made calls on the train – quite a noisy place.
If you are looking for a phone that is very small but that also enables you to access email (not heavy email use mind you) then the Motorola Q is an ideal solution for you.
If what you really want, however, is a mobile email device to use for heavy email use, the Q is probably not the best solution for you. It’s rounded and raised keys, like the Palm Treo, make it difficult to type quickly. I prefer the larger, flat, BlackBerry keys. Also many of the Q’s menu functions require you to press too many keys to do certain things when managing email.
I have not tried out other wireless carriers. But above and beyond the Q – Verizon Wireless’ customer service is awesome.