Motorola: Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Second Line and More

Motorola’s new C51 system phone let’s you turn your mobile phone into a second line and you can add a camera to monitor your business and enable your your wireless phone shows the image on a screen.
Motorola writes that you can start with a Cordless Phone Base and then customize your communication system with up to 12 accessories. Integrate your mobile phone, add video/audio monitoring accessories and always enjoy clear conversations with 5.8 GHz digital technology. Add extra handsets in each room – there’s no need for extra phone jacks.
Keep an eye on the store and employees with wireless cameras while getting work done in the back officeósaving trips and letting you focus and work efficiently.
Home office: Keep an eye on the house/sleeping baby, etc.
Communicate with wireless intercoms to expedite communication amongst employees.
Route incoming mobile phone calls through the cordless phone system and assign them a special ring toneóso you don’t have to run around for your mobile phone every time it rings; just pick up any cordless handset around the store/home.
Make outgoing mobile phone calls from your cordless phone, using your free nights/weekend minutes and save money on landline charges. Register the VoIP module to save even more.
Overcome spotty cell reception at the office/home officeójust dock the cell in a good spot and walk around freely with any of the cordless phone handsets.
Expansion handsets and accessories do not require phone jacks, so put them anywhere you deem most convenient.
The system is totally customizable, so just buy the components you need.
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