NetSuite and Build Google AdWords Into Their Services

It’s pleasantly amazing, how only a few years ago so many vendors were into making sure their applications were compatible with Microsoft Outlook. This is still the case in many areas, but the shift is quickly turning to hosted applications.
Google’s AdWords is becoming a VERY popular hosted application for other hosted application vendors to ensure they have built in tools with.
Both NetSuite and have announced that they’re services have features to enable their customers to manage their adwords accounts.
Called NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module, the new offering includes a search engine keyword campaign creation wizard, keyword campaign management capabilities and a bevy of pre-built reports designed to manage Google AdWords or Yahoo! Sponsored Search purchases more effectively and efficiently. Coupled with order management and tracking through to final sales revenue, the newly-released NetSuite Keyword Marketing Manager allows organizations to gain a clear picture of what keyword marketing dollars produce at every sales stage ¬? from the leads generated per keyword, to leads converted, and finally to revenue, profit and ROI generated per keyword. NetSuite’s new service is FREE of charge to its customers. See the webcast about it here.
ZD Net writes a substantive article about’s adding of AdWords tracking as well. It writes In a few short years, Google AdWords has become a primary means of reaching prospects for many businesses. It’s already a huge part of the sales and marketing process in those organizations. The new add-on (see screenshot below) turns that into a joined-up automated process, whose effectiveness they can track right through the close ¬? “even if that’s nine months later on a golf course,” as Adam Gross, VP of developer marketing for, told yesterday.