Never Leave Your Office. Always Have it With You. SSL VPN from NetGear

You can’t bring liquids on the plane. It’s only going to get worse. Soon, they are only going to allow one carry-on on the plan but no passengers I think. Never-the-less, your life must go on, business must continue. What can you do if you need to travel – be it locally or across the world but you must have access to the files and applications on your server.
NetGear’s ProSafe SSL VPN Connector offers a solution. You don’t have to download software (a client) to each notebook or PC that you want to securely and remotely access your server. Instead you can access your server’s files and applications via a web browser.
NetGear’s ProSafe SSL VPN Connector has the following features:
* Provides secure remote access to corporate resources using standard web browsers thereby eliminating organization’s administrative headache of distributing and managing VPN clients.
* Supports up to 25 concurrent SSL VPN connections, at industry’s most cost effective price point.
* Comes with an easy-to-use interface, using one of the strongest encryption methods to ensure privacy of data across the Internet.
Being able to access your data remotely is only one part of the issue. The other, possibly more important aspect is being able to SECURELY access your corporate data.
NETGEAR’s SSL VPN Concentrator is a hardware-based SSL VPN solution with unmatched SSL VPN processing throughput for its class, according to NetGear. It supports SSLv3 and TLS1.0 with AES-256 bit encryption for privacy of data during transit. In addition it integrates with a broad range of user repositories such as Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and RADIUS for user authentication. Features such as SSL over VPN allow the capability of providing even more seamless access to corporate resources via a light weight cross platform download that is pushed transparently by SSL312 to the users desktop or laptop.
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