New Microsoft Blogging Tool: Windows Live Writer

Microsoft has released it’s lastest blogging tool, Windows Live Writer (WLW). This tool is different from other tools like TypePad, and WordPress as it’s a tool you use on your PC and not a hosted application.
WLW can post to Microsoft Spaces’ blogs or to 3rd party blogs – like So I might start using WLW.

Ken Yarmosh of Duct Tape Marketing writes There are a number of things to like about WLW, including a robust spell checker (you may wonder why the others have struggled to get that right). One of the neatest things though, is writing in “Web Layout” mode. Essentially, WLW pulls in the style of your blog and let’s you view the copy you are writing the way it will actually appear on the site. The “Web Preview” takes that a step further and shows you your blog with the new content, as if the post were actually published.
I use for my own writing and am so close to switching to another platform as is often down or slow.
What I like about Ken’s post is that some of the media have bashed WLW and I think some do it as they just don’t like Microsoft and use any occasion to bash Microsoft.