PayPal – It Offers So Much More Than You Think

PayPal’s been used for years as a way for small businesses to conduct online ecommerce and ensure online customers can easily pay for products. But over the years, PayPal hos morphed into so much more than JUST an online payment system.
Small Business Computing writes or Web store owners without expertise in online selling or for those who have less sophisticated sites, PayPal can fill the gaps and put them in a position to compete with larger retailers. “The greatest thing about PayPal is the way it processes credit card transactions,” according to Barak Haimoff, whose company got its start on eBay.
Haimoff said that he can take credit card payments over the phone, through e-mail or through his site. He also particularly appreciates the fact that PayPal charges the same transaction fee regardless of what kind of credit card his customer uses. “That’s unheard of in the industry,” he said.

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