Route 1’s MobiKey: Securely Connect to your Remote Computers

You’re probably already familiar with how you can remotely access your computer via, LogMeIn, PcAnywhere and other solutions. However, with all of these solutions there is a level of risked to your remote connection not being as secure as you might like. Route 1 Inc’s MobiKey is a smart card-enabled, cryptographic USB device that connects you to up to 6 remote computer hosts.
If you are looking for a secure way to connect to remote comuters, MobiKey appears to be a VERY secure solution.

Based on Route 1 Inc’s web site there are six steps to using MobiKey:
1. Host Registers with MobiNET, Route1’s Service Delivery Platform for Secure Identity Management: When the MobiHost software is installed and activated on the desktop (Host computer), the Host becomes registered on MobiNET. At least five different Hosts can be registered on each MobiKEY.
2. MobiKEY Authentication through MobiNET: When plugging MobiKEY into a ‘Guest PC’ (any Internet-enabled Windows-based PC) the user is prompted for a password which is validated by the smart card, embedded on the MobiKEY USB device. MobiNET manages a user’s identity and the services they are authorized to access by issuing RSA digital certificates to Route1 subscribers. Once authenticated, MobiNET presents a list of available Hosts to the MobiKEY user.
3. MobiKEY Connection Request: The user selects the desired Host computer and MobiKEY sends a connection request to MobiNET.
4. Notification of MobiHost: MobiHost polls for a connection request from MobiNET which, in turn, provides the connection information back to the MobiHost.
5.Session Request and Mutually Authenticated SSL: MobiHost queries the Guest computer’s network address to establish a secured SSL connection. This “secret handshake” between two endpoints eliminates man-in-the-middle attacks.
6.Secure Computing Session Established: Establishing a secure access session using MobiKEY does not require applications or drivers to be installed on the Guest computer. This approach to secure computing ensures that no cache or temporary files are left behind on the Guest computer once the session has been completed.
MobiKEY provides instant and secure remote control of your office computer, applications, files and network resources, wherever you are. Simply plug your MobiKEY into any Internet connected Microsoft Windows computer and work as if you were at your own PC. MobiKEY doesn’t require you to carry applications or data with you and it leaves no traces of your work on the “Guest” PC.