Seven Steps to Protect Your Business’ Most Important Asset: Information

The National Federation of Independent Business is not what you think of when you think of technology, however, they DO KNOW business and technology is a MUST for running a successful business.
They have a seven point article on protecting your information and write When you look at your company’s resources, you will find information ranked right up there as a top asset. Chances are most of your company’s sensitive information, including files on products, customers, suppliers and employees, are now kept digitally. So just like your other business assets, you need to take steps to protect information from unauthorized access and even theft.
The goal of information technology security is to create measures that eliminate or reduce threats of theft or unauthorized access to a minimal level. Nothing is 100 percent foolproof, but here are seven steps that can help protect your critical information technology system and avert possible breaches that can spell disaster to your business’ integrity and competitive edge.
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