Social Media Press Releases: Should You Make Your Next Press Release One?

If you’ve issued press releases your was probably like every other press release out there. A one dimensional piece of paper accompanied by it’s online component of plain text. However, you might want to consider issue a “social media news releases” as advocated by PR Squared.
Basically a social media news release is a LIVING press release. PR Squared writes about Novell’s latest press release – Check out the release. Anything you’d want to view, nab, comment on, or re-post is there for the grabbing, including everything from broadcast-quality video advertisements, to product box shots, etc.
There are tons of quotes from partners, customers, analysts and execs: a journalist or blogger can cut&paste any that fit their need. A writer from AdWeek might just want the quote about the new advertising campaign, while an eWeek reporter may want the H-P executive’s quote…
There are links to Novell executives’ blogs. There are links. Where new Novell programs are announced, links are included that direct readers to sites containing more in-depth information…
Traditionalists will complain that this release would print out to 7-odd pages. To which I say, “Yeah? So?”
It’s ONLINE. The bytes are itty-bitty and the benefits — providing content that fits any need, and a context-rich news experience created via the use of hyperlinks and custom sites — far outweigh the “length” issue.

See the power of this – it’s not just about a one dimensional piece of paper – it’s about providing journalists with a full range of media options including how to get more information from “new media” sources – including blogs and such.
For your next press release consider more than just the paper, consider leveraging the Internet to connect journalists and others reading your press release with content BEYOND just the press release to add VALUE to your news.