Sprint’s Investment in WiMax – Better Wireless Internet

WiFi is good, but WiMax (ideally speaking) is better. WiMax’s signals can go farther (miles instead of feet) and faster than WiFi. At this time of course the industry push is WiFi and there are hotspots available in most business and urban locations. Sprint Nextel wants to create a national footprint for WiMax.
News Factor writes Sprint’s plans focus on deploying a WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) system, with help from I.T. giants Intel, Motorola, and Samsung. Together, the partners will develop the network infrastructure, as well as mobile WiMAX products, to deliver wireless broadband services for an array of portable devices.
WiMax is NOT going to be widely available for several years (3 – maybe more). But if Sprint’s bet is a home run, then as we now use WiFi, your new computer 3 or so years from now will come with a WiMax and WiFi card. Business users who can get faster speeds in more places will be more productive. Since WiMax offers great signal distances another interesting aspect of WiMax will be its use in homes and businesses in place of DSL or cable.
The News Factor piece continues Company spokesperson Lee Horner said the fourth generation (4G) mobility network will operate on Nextel’s network, which covers 85 percent of the households in the top 100 U.S. markets. The rollout, to cost an estimated $3 billion, will begin by the end of 2007, with WiMax becoming available to most of the country in 2008, she said.