Stonesoft – When Your VPN MUST stay up

A virtual private network lets the server(s) in your office provide a secure connection to another computer via the Internet. Instead of the traffic going through the public internet exposed to any hacker who gets their hands on your data while its in transit, a VPN wraps your data in a “tunnel” and keeps it safe from prying eyes.
VPNs are not new and are pretty much the basics for secure business communication. One problem is that if you rely on your VPN to connect remote offices or connect a mobile sales or support team – you MUST have your VPN stay up and running. You can’t afford for it to go down.
While you might control your own VPN – you can’t control the Internet connection that connects your VPN to the Internet. Stonesoft has a solution.
Stonesoft engineered a fundamentally new and different firewall and VPN architecture that provides a degree of network security and business continuity not possible with traditional approaches – according to Stonesoft. By incorporating Stonesoft’s high availability and high performance technologies into their firewall and VPN solution, StoneGate (their firewall product) delivers the assurance of continuous, uninterrupted protection.
Their patented Multi-Link (or multi-homing) technology and route optimization automatically selects the fastest available path VPN sub-tunnel failover for superior VPN reliability, optimized performance and VPN load balancing. Built-in clustering for gateway high availability and load balancing enables significant cost savings for our customers.
What does this mean? Why is it important?
You take your Stonesoft VPN and connect it to 3 different Internet service providers. If one goes down or is slow, Stonesoft will ensure you get the best of the three connections.