Successful CRM: How to do it right

DestinationCRM writes Failed CRM implementations aren’t new; incompatibilities between people, processes, and technologies have always been a concern. But even after a decade of industry advice about helping employees to help themselves, C-level executives, working to gain insight into customers, better performance from employees, and smoother business operations, continue to run head-on into end-user buy-in rejection.
Yacov Wrocherinsky, contributed to this article further with 3 ways to better ensure end user by in. Yacov is a member of the Microsoft CRM Advisory Board and created Infinity Info Systems after leaving IBM in 1987. His company provides technology solutions, implementation services, training, and support for contact management, SFA, and CRM. A partner with Sage Software, Infinity has won the Sage Business Partner of the Year award twice, in 2005 and 2006.
The three areas are Training, Management Buy-In and User Champions–Pilot Projects.
If your users are not trained they are not going to want to use any new system.
If Management does not support the new implementation – it’s simply not going to get funded or support.
When you get other people in the company talking about the product (in a positive way) other people are going to want to use it too.
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