ThinPrint Pushes Email to Mobile Phones

ThinPrint has started Cortado, a direct push mail service based on Microsoft Exchange. Cortado gives users with Windows mobile devices their emails as direct push without delay. The service, which can be booked at, starts at only 6.50 USD a month. The contract can be canceled on a month to month basis. In addition to the direct push function, ThinPrint will consecutively add other services to the Cortado service to enable attachments to be read, faxed, or printed via bluetooth or infrared without first being downloaded.
After registering, customers receive an email address with the Cortado domain. All emails sent to this account are sent to the user’s mobile phone with direct push and without delay. Requirement for the use of Cortado is an end device with a Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system and the Microsoft Messaging & Security feature pack, which is usually already installed on most available end devices or will soon be available for download from the carriers.
“With Cortado, every user with a Windows mobile devices can now enjoy the advantages of push mail without having to run a Microsoft Exchange Server ,” explains Carsten Mickeleit, Managing Director at ThinPrint GmbH. “We have a convincing product – not just because of the low price of around 6.50 USD a month, but above all because of the unique future Content Beamer functions, like reading attachments without downloading them.”