Ultimate Notebook Computer Shopping Experience

I’m shopping for a new notebook computer and decided that instead of doing all this research and hoarding it to myself, why not share it with you and your employees and thousands of other small business owners and their employees to hopefully help you save some time and money when shopping for your own notebook.
Included in this roundup is a review of tech vendor web sites, an analysis of their ordering process, a comparison chart of the notebooks I looked at and input from some of the vendors.
I’ve been through two Gateway computers that have served me quite well – except for one thing. Each started shutting off all of the sudden with no warning because of overheating. This problem is not only on Gateway computers, but many notebooks overheat, it appears from what I’ve seen online. Also – there are so many notebook cooling products on the market – I guess I’m not alone. I downloaded SpeedFan so I could see how hot my notebook was getting and yes the temperature was rising and rising and rising!
I bought a notebook cooling fan from Xiode.com, which sits under the notebook and it keeps the notebook cooler so it doesn’t overheat – as fast – and shut off. However a) who wants to lug extra bulk and weight around and b) the notebook over heating is getting worse so it has to be replaced.
I’m now looking for a notebook computer via the web sites of Dell, HP, Lenovo, Gateway, Sony and Toshiba.
My budget is between $1000 and $1500 and I’m looking for a notebook with 1GB of RAM, 80GB hard disk and an Intel Core Duo 1.6GHZ processor or an AMD equivalent. The notebook should have a 14″ wide screen. 12″ is too small for me as I do a LOT of typing and don’t use a desktop computer. 15″ makes the weight and bulk too big for what I want to carry on a daily basis. Everything else is gravy.
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