Using Smart Surveys to Get Insight From Your Customers To Increase Revenue

One trait of the most successful businesses is that they know as much about their customers as possible. They know what products sell best to which customers. They know which customers like which products and etc. There are many companies that churn out products and I guess with luck do sell them, but really don’t know how they could sell even more or which products they are producing (trying to sell) but wasting money on.
Being able to KNOW what your customers want is important. Zoomerang, a total service survey company has a range of solutions.
Zoomerang helps companies produce surveys to gain better insight from their customers.
You can create your own surveys and email it to your own base. If you don’t want to survey your own list, you can email the 2 million persons on a targeted list from Zoomerang and select what type of profile (age, sex, income, etc) you want your survey to reach. You can also consult with Zoomerang’s consultants to help you better create and manage your intelligence gathering (or surveying).
Zoomerang, recently launched a customer resource center providing tips and resources for organizations.
Instead of emailing out a frequent survey to your entire customer list, emailing the survey to a sample size is the solution.
By surveying a subset of your target population you will still be able to confidently assume that the group survey represents the population. Random sampling ensures that
survey results won’t be affected by the method of selection for the sample. If you take a random sample of respondents, you don’t have to send the survey to the entire target population, whether that’s the customer base, members of an association, or students at a university. Using a subset enables you to send frequent surveys but not annoy your customers or survey targets with frequent surveys. Although you are frequently surveying your customers or target list might only receive one survey a month or year from you.
Zoomerang’s Survey Coach can quickly and easily help figure out how big a sample size should be with their best practices sample size table – all it takes is answering three simple questions: How large is the total target population? How accurate does the data need to be? How much subgroup analysis is needed?