Want Contracts from Government and Bigger Businesses? Answer – Business Matchmaking

The reason small businesses are called small business is because they don’t have the relaively LARGE resources of big businesses. Small businesses don’t have the staff, the funds nor the time to take advantage of opportunities and to do more for their business that larger businesses have.
One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is finding new customers. I think one of the most difficult markets to break into is getting government (local, state and federal) and larger business contracts. HP, SCORE and the SBA have a solution – Business Matchmaking.
Business Matchmaking is a regional “get-to-gether” of small businesses, larger businesses and government agencies. Similar to “speed dating”, it matches small businesses with the buyers who they otherwise might have a hard time reaching. Small business owners can meet face to face with the executives and officials who control the contracts these businesses want.
Four regional Business Matchmaking events are planned for 2006. The kickoff will take place on February 13 in Oakland, Calif., followed by events in Houston (8/2), Philadelphia (9/22) and Miami (11/16).
Since its inception in 2003, Business Matchmaking has, through regional events held all across the country, generated more than 36,000 one-on-one appointments resulting in more than $37 million in contracting opportunities for small businesses.
Unlike working with a smaller business, servicing the needs of a larger business/government is filled with regulations and a room full of paper.
The newly launched, National Business Matchmaking Online Network is bringing to small businesses throughout the U.S. many of the same benefits that regional face-to-face Business Matchmaking events provide attendees with education, tools, access to resources, news and a procurement profile listing in the Business Matchmaking Small Business Directory, a resource that will be made available to the procurement representatives of government agencies and major corporations that participate in Business Matchmaking. In select circumstances, these benefits will culminate in access to select contract opportunities.