When a Podcast is NOT a Podcast

The Small Business Administration issued a press release that they’ve started a podcast on their web site. While at first I was applauding the US Governments latest technology initiative for small businesses, their “podcast” is not really a “podcast”. Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends tells us why.
Her three tips are:
– DON’T forget to offer your audio recordings in MP3 format.
– DO offer a transcript of the recording, or at the very least offer some text that hits the highlights of the audio recording.
– DON’T forget to offer an RSS feed in which your podcasts are enclosed.
Should you podcast? Sure (well think about it and consider what added value it could give you). But if you decide to podcast, create a web site, start a blog, launch a newsletter – do it right.
Do some reading on the subject before you start and then work with a professional to help you.
Read her full article here.

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