Why Small Businesses Become Victims of Cyber Attacks

e-Based Security, LLC, a Web-based company specializing in computer system security solutions, today announced that it has posted its report titled “Why Small Businesses Become Victims of Cyber Attacks” to its Website to help small business owners learn how to better protect their systems against debilitating cyber attacks.
The goal of the report is to educate business owners about the full range of possible cyber attacks that can paralyze their operations and provide information about how to prevent them. The report can be viewed at no charge by business owners and is available here
“Small businesses typically don’t have adequate protections against cyber attacks that can quickly sap their revenues and productivity,” said Thomas J. Raef, president of e-Based Security. “Their computer systems cannot protect against new cyber attacks that are being created by increasingly savvy criminals using more and more advanced programming. Basically, we really want to help businesses get the protection they need.”
Many small businesses become victims of cyber attacks because they lack the resources and safeguards found at larger enterprise companies, and they are often not protected by their Internet providers like many home users, Raef said. For many small businesses, one significant cyber attack can severely harm a company’s health, productivity and reputation. For instance, companies exposed to cyber attacks often lose mission-critical client data, confidential information and private e-mail correspondence.
The report addresses various specific computer-related problems, including two recent cyber attacks: the Trojan virus contained in a fake Google toolbar and the computer viruses often linked with downloadable PowerPoint documents. The report explains the different aspects of the attacks: logistics about the specific cyber attack, explanations of why most small businesses cannot protect against such an attack and solutions to prevent the attack from occurring. The report goes on to provide various specific, user-friendly solutions that include SPAM filtering, content-filtering proxies and employee education.