Wi-Fi Cards Expose Laptops to Hackers

I usually shy away from posting the tons and tons of security warnings that I see on a daily basis. However, this warning, about hackers getting into your notebook via your WiFi card is so serious and see easy to solve, that I figured I’d tell you.
Hackers can access your computer via your WiFi card in so many ways. But did you know that just by having your notebook on and the WiFi card enables hackers, in theory, can hack into your computer as well.
The solution, if you are not using your WiFi card turn it off. Make sure you have a firewall installed and turned on.
NewsFactor writes Security researchers have sounded the alarm for wireless Internet users, warning them that their laptop computers are vulnerable to attack by hackers. The flaws could allow thieves to gain access to passwords, bank accounts, and other private information even when the system is not connected to the Internet.
According to David Maynor, senior researcher at network security firm, SecureWorks, and fellow researcher Jon “Johnny Cache” Ellch, the problem is with the software built into wireless-networking hardware that allows it to communicate with a computer’s operating system. A criminal exploiting the flaw could send malicious code to an unprotected laptop and gain complete control over it via its Wi-Fi card.