WiFi Info Bunny: Want One On Your Desk?

Sometimes technology is useless, sometimes technology is cute and sometimes technology is cute and “interesting”. There’s a new toy, with a business slant, from the French. This “WiFi” bunny, according to Reuters can The plastic bunny with ears like TV antennae can read out e-mails and mobile phone text messages, tell children to go to bed, alert one to a stock collapse and give traffic updates by receiving Internet feeds via a wireless Wi-Fi network.
I don’t see this helping a busy executive in the middle of the day, but for those times when you are reading in the den, but still want to know what’s happening in the online world it could be a nice deviation from your BlackBerry alerting you to email, your phone alerting you to SMS and having to get up and check your computer monitor.
The Reuters piece continues French entrepreneur Rafi Haladjian who conceived the idea, says the key to Nabaztag’s longevity will be constant innovation and finding new applications as the Internet evolves. But competition is heating up.
Ambient Devices, a spin-off from the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is one of several rivals putting Internet-based communicating devices on the market.
Ambient sells a lamp ball that glows different colors to display real-time stock market trends, weather and pollen forecasts for $150, excluding shipping costs.