Your Fax Machine is Just Taking Space with Rapid Fax

If you have not yet considered moving from traditional faxing at a fax machine to PC faxing you really are wasting time and money.
Read, here, how one company implemented a Rapid Fax solution.
Rapid Fax, a sponsor of, combines the utility of fax with high-speed Internet connected computing to meet the needs of the small office and home office. RapidFAX offers portable faxing from your PC, you can send and receive a fax anywhere you can get internet access. RapidFAX’s 24×7 phone support and live chat offers full support to RapidFAX customers. RapidFAX is powered by EasyLink Services, an early pioneer of Internet-based faxing.
While email is growing, faxing plays a CRITICAL role in the lives of many small businesses in certain industries such as construction, financial services and other sectors, where PAPER (especially signed paper) is still important.
Rapid Fax helps you keep serving the faxing needs of your customer by enabling you to send email to fax and receive faxes via email.
Check it out free for 30 days.