Archive of September 2006

Technical Support Round Up

Beyond your local, independent computer consultant there are MANY companies providing a wide range of support services for smaller businesses. CompUSA, Best Buy, Plumchoice and others. Some of the providers have on-site service and some are only over the phone. Some have technicians that are all certified in some way, others don’t require certification. Small […]

Choosing the Right Domain Name

In “10 Web Site Musts” one of the points I make is the VITAL importance of web site domain names. Maybe the name of your law firm is – Donald, Rifken, Hakim & Partners and this is the name you have gone with since World War I. However, online – you really don’t want the […]

CA – $6,500 Anti-virus Guarantee

Buying and installing an anti-virus program is easy. However, today CA (Computer Associates) announces that it’s providing a $6,500 guarantee. Its newly released CA Internet Security Suite 2007 provides as much as $6,500 in protection to customers in the event they are affected by PC virus infections or a victim of identity theft. The protection […]

How to Get Attention for your Business

Getting attention for your small business in the major media is NOT easy, but it’s not rocket science and it’s VERY doable. You can get attention via online media, traditional offline media including radio, print, TV. You can “do it yourself” or pay a PR firm to do it for you. You can do “PR” […]