10 Technology Strategy That Make a Difference in Business

There’s a lot of technology you can use in your business, but what’s most interesting is to see what technologies OTHER companies have used and how they are getting the most out of it. Forbes.com reviews 10 technologies.
One of the technology is the use of cell phones. Forbes.com writes Penske Truck Leasing is making smart cell phones do new tricks by incorporating GPS. The company is expanding what its CellComm wireless software can do to track driver progress and validate that the correct freight is going where it needs to be.
Penske uses about 1,700 CellComm-driven phones, and it’s developing five enhancements this year: a dynamic trip plan that lets a dispatcher reroute drivers while en route, based on their actual locations; a bar-code scanner integrated into the phone; electronic signature capture on a Treo PDA/cell phone; a safety measure that uses GPS coordinates to estimate speed so that Penske can limit key entry and phone use if a vehicle’s moving 5 mph or more; and maps with time stamps to audit drivers’ routes, along with a “ping” system to periodically check driver locations against maps for audit and safety.

You can read the full article here. As you are reading it think about 2 things 1) what are some ways that you are no using technology and could use it MORE effectively. 2) what are some ways that you’ve read about that YOU could implement in YOUR business for maximum effectiveness?
Technology is NOT difficult to implement. The hardest part is clearly identifying your need and being able to implement a solution to meet that need for maximum effectiveness.
As I’ve written on many occasions, many of us use Microsoft Word but only a FEW of us are power users and get all we can out of it. This is the way it is with technology overall.