2 Way TXT Messaging From the Web – Mobile Communication on a Budget

The nice thing about text messaging as opposed to a direct cell phone call is that you can send information to a person, on their cell phone, for them to quickly view and act on. No need for a long conversation, no need to know if they are in the middle of something.

Fancy, smartphones that can email are nice, but being able to send basic text messages to a basic phone saves quite a bit of money.
MobileSphere, a telecommunication company is launching, Joopz a solution that lets you send a text message to someone, via a web site AND receive messages back from them too!
Right now Joopz is free, but I assume there will be a cost later on, as with many online services, or for premium services at some point.
Joopz web texting offers the following features:
Two-Way “Web Texting” – Joopz lets users send and receive text messages
(SMS) from the Web to any mobile phone for free. A real-time history of all
conversations is included.
Group Chat – With the Joopz Group Chat feature, users can have
conversations via text with all their friends, employees or customers at once.
Text Reminders – Don’t forget the next client meeting. Joopz helps users manage their
lives by tracking what they need to do and when, and then sending a text
Scheduled Texting – An important event? – send delayed text messages for the recipient to receive at a specific time – a day from now, a week from now, a year from now.