Adobe Makes PDF Viewing Better

I use Adobe PDF reader several times a day to read PDF documents. I personally don’t see a problem with it, but apparently others do and Adobe has made version 8 better.
If you want to create (as opposed to just view) PDFs you can buy Adobe’s product or do a simple Google search and download a free tool to create PDFs.
USA Today writes Issues tackled:
¬? The No. 1 complaint from consumers about PDFs is that they are slow to load, but Hale says those issues have been addressed with the new version.
¬? Macromedia’s Breeze software for Web conferencing is now built into Acrobat (and renamed Acrobat Connect). It lets companies use the Internet for meetings, sharing documents and commenting on them.
Adobe charges monthly fees starting at $39 for the Web-conference service.
Version 8 shows that Adobe is making the transition to “a new concept of what PDF is,” says Wilcox.
Adobe’s challenge is fighting off Microsoft, which says it will offer PDF creation for free in a new version of Microsoft Office scheduled for next year.