Are You Afraid of Technology When it Comes to Payroll

I will be the FIRST one to raise my hand and acknowledge that technology is not perfect. I suppose I’ll be quickly followed by YOU. However, although technology is NOT perfect you lose MORE (often times) by NOT embracing technology in critical areas of your business. By not embracing technology you are wasting time and not being as productive as you could be.
Payroll for example – did you know according to the NFIB many small businesses are still doing payroll by hand? writes Of 750 small businesses polled across the country in April, two-thirds said they prepare their company’s payroll in-house, according to a survey released Aug. 30 by the National Federation of Independent Business, a small-business advocacy group based in Washington.
You should worry very much if you don’t have the expertise to help you implement and support technology. However, if you have a local expert – maybe the local Intuit, Sage or Microsoft expert who can help you manage your payroll via an accounting system you have more to be happy about than worry about.
There’s also a number of online services, including the famous ADP (Intuit also has a payroll service) who can help with your payroll.
If you are one of those smaller businesses that refuse to let technology help you do more with less in more time – let go a bit and give technology a chance.