CA – $6,500 Anti-virus Guarantee

Buying and installing an anti-virus program is easy. However, today CA (Computer Associates) announces that it’s providing a $6,500 guarantee.
Its newly released CA Internet Security Suite 2007 provides as much as $6,500 in protection to customers in the event they are affected by PC virus infections or a victim of identity theft. The protection programs are administered by Warranty Corporation of America (WaCA), a full-service provider of warranty and extended service plan related solutions.
Consumers in eligible states are qualified to receive up to $5,000 in Identity Theft coverage after purchasing CA Internet Security Suite 2007 and installing and registering for WaCA’s Mobile Lifeline (MLL) software. The coverage includes costs for lost wages, legal fees, re-filing applications and fixing credit reports in the event a user’s identity is compromised.
Consumers are also eligible for up to $1,500 in Virus Protection coverage when purchasing either the CA Internet Security Suite or CA Anti-Virus 2007. This covers technical support, repair services and hardware replacement in the event a user’s laptop or PC fails due to a virus infection.
Although I think this is more of a marketing ploy than substance I think it is quite comforting to a user and definitely shows that CA trusts their product enough to put money behind it.
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